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SAFFRON Group has been operating since 2015 as a Group of companies and is currently working together with more than 10 countries around the world. There are four Main activities of SAFFRON Group: Agriculture & Food, Trading, Consulting, and Investment.

Agriculture is the oldest activity of SAFFRON Group. With the original idea of being a fair company and helping others, we created agricultural projects to help local farmers in developing countries to live better life standards since 2008. With this idea, we not only help the farmers individually but the economic situation of these countries as a whole. Those are our roots.

Based on our agricultural activities we deliver agricultural products to Europe and produce energy drink in a premium quality for well-known international companies.

The Trading activity is built by the group of companies and will be the main business of SAFFRON Group in the future. We have strong network and agreements with some production companies that are active for a long time in local markets but not internationally. Therefore, we can provide their products directly to the international market. Our production companies are specialized and have a lot of experience in their fields. So, we gave hand in hand to grow together. 

SAFFRON Investment is looking always for new Investment availabilities and looks into the future and research for all opportunities to make SAFFRON Group to a Big Player in the future in New Technologies and Innovations.

Our mission is realizing our vision and hold on to our roots. The aim of our projects helps us and our partners to grow together. We want to become the first company to be known as the ‘real fair company’. Therefore, we can become the leader of the fair future projects in the world.

Food Company

SAFFRON Company as your partner for planting and supplying agricultural products in a premium quality. Agriculture is the main activity of SAFFRON Company. With the original idea …

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Chia Seed

Our partner in Uganda is a farmers cooperatives. To ensure the growth of our partner, we invest in our partner based on the sales. We give more to them, so they can invest …

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We provide high-quality Aluminium produced in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The specification is listed below along with the dimensions of the product. This Aluminium could be used …

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Base Oil

SAFFRON Group is a large independent trader of base oil products. We have effective logistical and storage capability working with our partner companies. As a global trading house …

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We have strong network and agreements with some mining companies in Indonesia that are active for a long time in the local market but not internationally. With our Indonesian office …

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Polymer is a large molecule formed by many micro-molecules. Polymers take form in synthetic plastics such as polystyrene. Polymers are created via polymerization of many small …

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Energy Drink

We are a German beverage manufacturer and are actively producing and manufacturing for big international labels. We invite our customers to create their own beverage of choice …

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One of SAFFRON Group´s specialties are Petrochemicals; commonly called as petroleum distillates, which are chemical products products that originated from petroleum...

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