SAFFRON Investment

SAFFRON Investment is the financial part of SAFFRON Group. We are searching for potential partners with creative and brilliant ideas. We are ambitious risk takers in search for an investment opportunity in any field, especially in new technologies. We aim to facilitate great thinkers who are lacking resources. Together, we can make your dreams and ideas into reality. SAFFRON Investment is interested in creating the future with the best teams in their field. Aside from other products, our interest lies in technologies such as medical equipment, software, applications, as well as future innovations. SAFFRON Investment builds futures, so why not build yours with us?

Furtherance and support of projects.

Doctors’ appointment calendar

Development of a professional appointment management for doctors’ and dentists’ which is extremly efficient, flexible and individual customizable.


Find, review and optimize your global shipping routes. Routes over main roads, rivers, canals, the sea and manually added ways.

NEED ADVICE on your business growth, customer experience or your finances 

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